Presenting short stories in the world of Lesson of the Fire

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Mundane, Magocrat & Mapmaker

Excerpts from a Kafthean novel about Marrishland.

The stories in this book all play with the stereotypes of the mapmaker, the mundane, and the magocrat — stock characters of Mar comedy. Most of the events in the early stories are completely unbelieveable for anyone even remotely familiar with Mar history, being more like Mar jokes disguised as a story by a Kafthean trying to be a native Mar.

Rice's Wild



The Adventures of Reur

The continuing story of Reur, the first mapmaker.

It is a actually a collection of shorter stories that have been arranged chronologically into a saga. It is an example of the Mar mapmaker tradition any story about the adventures of a reckless and foolish explorer who survives trials through a combination of cleverness, stubborness, and dumb luck.

The Guider's Apprentices

First Contact

Call of the Raptor

Raven's Raptor

No Turning Back

Mud In Your Eye

36 Days Later

Damnen's Harvest

Catch and Release

Camp of the Send