The Pithdai Gate

A Senserte Caper

By Eric Zawadzki and Matthew Schick



The crown prince of Pithdai has been kidnapped, and the ransom is a trove of magical paintings — any one of which could destroy the fragile political and cultural balance of the nascent Flecterran Union.

Luckily, the king's daughter, Arrina, leads the indefatigable Senserte — the Eyes of Justice, who are traveling players by day and ruthless crime-fighters by night.

The Senserte must orchestrate a plan to make the dangerous exchange to save the prince and bring the kidnappers to justice. But it's hard to plan for everything. Territorial air elementals, voracious lake monsters, and a rainforest of living nightmares are all in a day's work, but this caper has a catch: Arrina's brother might not want to be rescued.

Cover illustration © 2013 by Alan Gutierrez.