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#SampleSunday for 10/30/11

ShareTweet From Chapters 10 and 11 of Kingmaker The spot Butu picked was perfect — carts came through here regularly, so the ground was firm gravel interspersed with a few brown, smashed weeds. They couldn’t see the rest of Gordney … Continue reading

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Meet Keith C. Blackmore

ShareTweet Guest Post Saturdays begin today. Eric has posted an entry on Keith’s blog here. I first discovered Keith about a year ago through a pitch-and-link thread on Amazon’s forums. The Trollhunter was the first indie book to completely blow … Continue reading

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Dating the story more clearly

ShareTweet This is the second draft of the first version of this story, optimistically labeled Vol. 2, Part 2 of the Caligrean.  Caligrean was our series title back then (and our website for a long time), but as the stories … Continue reading

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Setting for desert

ShareTweet One of the first things created after the prophecy was the world map. What would a fantasy fiction epic series be without an obligatory world map!  Robert Jordan did it, sensationally.  George RR Martin’s goes on for four pages … Continue reading

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Writing from ignorance to experience

ShareTweet Sorry for the belated post. My parents are in town for my wife’s baby shower, and I absolutely could not stay up to finish a blog entry last night. But they’re asleep, now. Probably the most trite bit of … Continue reading

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Subversion of a trope

ShareTweet Matt and I take a perverse delight in taking common fantasy tropes and turning them on their heads. Well-behaved wizards who stay behind the throne and pull the strings? Ha! Give us magic-wielding despots who rule mundane folks with … Continue reading

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Refining our protagonist’s name

ShareTweet Kingmaker and Lesson of the Fire, which is our book coming out in spring 2012, stem from the first two stories Eric and I chose to write, based on the prophecy, when we started our endeavor 20 years ago. Each … Continue reading

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Way back when it all began

ShareTweet The story that became Kingmaker began with a prophecy, a poem crafted by Eric and marginally altered by myself. We were avid DnD players, science fiction and fantasy readers, and pre-new-media-eruption consumers. The prophecy codified these unmarred, crystaline ideas that lived in our … Continue reading

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We’re sowers, not gamblers

ShareTweet I’m holding in my hands the first ever print copy of Kingmaker – a proof copy intended to ensure that no problems came up between the file version and the printed version. It should be available on Amazon in … Continue reading

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Irritating Fantasy Tropes

ShareTweet When I was in college, some people used to think that because I was studying literature, I naturally loved absolutely everything I read. That’s laughable. No one can hate a book like an English major. Not only can we … Continue reading

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