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Meet Benjamin Andrews

ShareTweet Benjamin Andrews is a fellow epic fantasy writer. Eric has a guest post about the things that motivate extroverts to write. Without further ado, here is Benjamin: Real Cultural Differences in Fictional Worlds There is no question that the … Continue reading

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Cover Art for Spring 2012

ShareTweet As Matt alluded to last week, we’re releasing Lesson of the Fire this spring. It is not a sequel to Kingmaker (that should be out in 2013, according to our current estimates) but a separate book of its own. … Continue reading

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The Long Shadow of the Read Books Pile

ShareTweet I spent a bit of my sleepy day off digging into various book sites – GoodReads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari. After adding just a couple hundred of books – most but not all of them repeats between the three sites … Continue reading

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#SampleSunday 12/25/11

ShareTweet Chapter 21 of Kingmaker “Before the Treaty of Mnemon, the kings of Turuna recruited children as soldiers.” They marched, now, slowly, and Jani’s voice carried in the cool night air. “My great-uncle says magic was a weapon of war, … Continue reading

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Meet J. Dean

ShareTweet Happy Christmas Eve (or other winter holiday) to all those who celebrate. I have a pretty full weekend ahead of me, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be making any blog posts. The Internet is just too boring at … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

ShareTweet Well, it’s the end of the year again.  Or for this blog, the first time. I’m skipping the usual entry style for a couple of reasons. One is that I’m working hard on finishing up Lesson of the Fire.  … Continue reading

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The Co-Authorship Process

ShareTweet Co-authorship isn’t rare, but writers don’t often talk about it. Oh sure, it isn’t commonplace, either. Writing is supposed to be such a lonely pursuit. An author’s artistic vision is so precious and personal, and how could anyone let … Continue reading

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#SampleSunday 12/18/11

ShareTweet Chapter 1 of Kingmaker I fell. The shock made Butu’s half-risen head plummet to the ground again. He closed his eyes to keep out the sand as his three playmates ran around him faster and faster, jeering and kicking … Continue reading

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Meet Glen Krisch

ShareTweet Our guest this week is horror writer Glen Krisch. His post touches a bit on one of my NaNoWriMo points, which is the importance of knowing your strengths and limits as a writer. Eric has a post on Glen’s … Continue reading

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Improving on villains

ShareTweet The template for our stories back in the days of “The Agile Child” included several elements: a hero, who was a line from the prophecy; a magical weapon; a magical item; a region; and a villain. In order to … Continue reading

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