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On the Fallibility of Infallible Texts

ShareTweet In our interview with Asa Sehtah, we mentioned Hakan Ebutor and her famous essay questioning the accuracy of the current official version of Bera’s Unwritten Laws. To understand why this was such a controversial, bear in mind that this … Continue reading

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Master List of #SampleSundays

ShareTweet Today marks the 12th #SampleSunday we’ve done to promote Kingmaker. Of course, the sample chapters we posted weren’t posted in the order in which they appear in the book, so we’ve created this page to make it easy to … Continue reading

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Guest Post on Brian Kittrell’s Blog

ShareTweet Eric is a guest at Brian Kittrell’s blog, talking about author origin stories. Stop on over and check it out!

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Readying the site for spring

ShareTweet The latest version of our next story, Lesson of the Fire, will be coming out in the spring.  Eric posted a preview of the cover art back in December. The novel is in the latest stages of revisions, ready … Continue reading

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Three Writing Lessons

ShareTweet Common wisdom holds that it takes about 10,000 hours to master any skill. The writer version holds that the first 1 million words are wasted. If you write 1,000 words per hour like Matt does, they’re pretty much synonymous. … Continue reading

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#SampleSunday for 1/22/12

ShareTweet Chapter 6 of Kingmaker “I’d like to see him try that when I have a sword,” Butu growled when the other sordenu was out of earshot. “You’ll have your chance soon enough, but it won’t be as easy as … Continue reading

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Meet Asa Sehtah

ShareTweet Eric: Our guest today is Weard Asa Sehtah, editor of Lesson of the Fire, a retelling of the events of the Takraf War. Thank you for traveling all the way from the Academy to be with us today, Asa. … Continue reading

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A magical cube has six sides

ShareTweet Off and on, I’ve talked about the original formula for our stories, the basic structure and foundation that began with the prophecy, added a few layers, and some time ago, was dismantled and put in a scrap heap. From … Continue reading

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A Taste for the Dark

ShareTweet When I was young – no older than 5 or 6 – one of the first games I played with my cousins was Hansel and Gretel. They were slightly younger than me, so I was de facto play leader. … Continue reading

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#SampleSunday for 1/15/12

ShareTweet Chapter 5 of Kingmaker The other three boys were asleep when Butu woke. He quietly gathered his few possessions into his blankets: a shirt he never wore, the pryud, a spare pair of pants, leather strap to use as … Continue reading

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