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#SampleSunday 4/1/12

ShareTweet Chapter 1 of Lesson of the Fire “First-degree wizards wear bright green cloaks. As a wizard rises from first-degree to seventh, the color of his cloak changes to reflect his rank — green, auburn, blue, amber, cyan, lavender and … Continue reading

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Things I learned in 4th grade

ShareTweet There are a few things I can do that, if I sit down to do them, I look up later and find eight or 12 hours have passed, I’m starving and jittery, sweating and exhausted … and I still … Continue reading

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One Draft Contains Multitudes

ShareTweet Here’s the thing about novels: They’re big, really big. I mean, 300-500 pages doesn’t look like much on a shelf, but you’re talking about 80,000-150,000 words that must be organized in a coherent fashion, to say nothing of being … Continue reading

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Just weeks away!

ShareTweet Today we’ve launched our promotions for Lesson of the Fire, our second book.  It’s set in the same world, with the same four moons orbiting it, but on a different chunk of continent, with a completely different people, culture, … Continue reading

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Short and Full of Bribery

ShareTweet I wrote over 6,000 words of my current work in progress today. I did it in spite of wrangling a baby for part of the day. I’m really pleased with the work I’ve done, as it ties together three … Continue reading

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Getting away from editing

ShareTweet Maybe it’s a bit too early to mention this, but I took a few days off work this week to get the story started for a Kingmaker sequel, which wouldn’t be available for popular consumption for a couple of … Continue reading

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Getting to know your characters

ShareTweet The last three weeks have been quite the learning experience. I’m a writer, though, which means I tend to see all experiences through the lens of writing, and this whole fatherhood thing has been no exception. The reverse is … Continue reading

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Kingmaker character: Zhek al’Ahjea

ShareTweet Having essentially exhausted the broad strokes of the growth of Kingmaker from rough draft to the product on sale, I’m going to delve into how some of the characters have adjusted for the next few weeks. The naming conventions … Continue reading

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Games co-authors play

ShareTweet One piece of common wisdom among novelists is that writing is a lonely job. This is absolutely true to a point. Anyone who successfully completes a novel has probably (hopefully!) spent hundreds if not thousands of hours in isolation, … Continue reading

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Keith Blackmore is back

ShareTweet Keith C. Blackmore is no stranger to this blog. His newest release, White Sands, Red Steel, is a return to the heroic fantasy world of The Troll Hunter and 131 Days. I beta read for Keith, so I get … Continue reading

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