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Adding to the archive

ShareTweet As promised, I’ve started posting stories from the history of Marrishland, the nation in which Lesson of the Fire takes place. Back in 2006, when we first launched a website to support the books, we felt (and still do) … Continue reading

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Symbolism, Rites of Passage, and World-Building

ShareTweet I was a groomsman in a wedding, this weekend, and that got me thinking about symbolism and ritual in rites of passage. (Matt often pokes fun at this tendency in writers when he finds parallels between writing and baking … Continue reading

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Baking cookies

ShareTweet Today, I woke up to the smell of fresh-baked cookies. This in and of itself is awesome, but, given that I had to write this blog entry, I stopped and thought, how is writing like baking cookies?  And briefly, … Continue reading

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Wheaton’s Law and the Indie Author

ShareTweet A well-known indie fantasy author suffered a very public and vitriolic meltdown, last weekend. I’m not going to get into more detail than that because 1) even negative publicity sells books, and I don’t like to reward bad behavior … Continue reading

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Monitor down

ShareTweet I woke up this morning, turned on the computer, and the monitor refused to wake up.  This is a sad day. I don’t make it much of a secret that I dislike the machines and tools that create and … Continue reading

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Research, Verisimilitude, and the Fantasy Novel

ShareTweet It probably wouldn’t surprise anyone to know that this blog is not the only place on the Internet where I talk about the art and craft (and business) of writing. I recently got into a discussion with some writers … Continue reading

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Effect of an arc

ShareTweet At some point in my life, I sat down to write my “first book.”  Long before the papers for school, long before the penmanship and letter-writing lectures of early grades, I took a pile of my older sister’s wide-ruled … Continue reading

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ShareTweet As those who follow us on Twitter probably know, I’m gearing up to start a new project.  My author-friend Keith sometimes has a bit of trouble remembering which project I’m currently rambling about. For that matter, so do my … Continue reading

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Reload or reboot, pick your metaphor

ShareTweet Now that Lesson of the Fire is on sale, and the galleys and proofs and revisions are filed and backed up and, most importantly, put away, you’d think there’d be time to celebrate, breathe, take off, relax or even … Continue reading

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