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Blog Post Soon!

ShareTweet Matt apparently got so wrapped up in art thieves, talking parrot-monkeys, and unlikely methods of conveyance that he didn’t get a blog post up, this morning. He will remedy this shortly. Until then, here’s a random silly graphic he … Continue reading

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Cooling Down

ShareTweet First off, Lesson of the Fire is now live at Kobo and the Apple iStore. There’s a big, shocking story in The New York Times about bought-and-paid-for rave reviews. These things are apparently endemic. The mechanics are simple: Pay … Continue reading

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Evolving at Augusta

ShareTweet The Adventures of Reur is at one of its natural breaking points.  As I am hammering away at our next book, Nosamae Ascending, and have taken the day off to work specifically on that, I am going to delay … Continue reading

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Where there is a brainstorm there are clouds

ShareTweet First off, if you’re on Goodreads, we’re currently giving away 5 free paperback copies of Lesson of the Fire. You can enter to win one by going here before September 28th. William is working on his first few teeth … Continue reading

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Sword, words, dwosr

ShareTweet First, posted. Second, why? A teen player was kicked out of the national Scrabble tournament, which is dayslong and involves more than 25 games of Scrabble and the top prize is $10,000, for cheating. In between games, this player … Continue reading

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The Blog Entry I Needed, Not the One I Wanted

ShareTweet I’ve never been the kind of person to manufacture controversies, but there’s a blog entry I have needed to write all day, and I just can’t fight it any longer. Either I write it, or I write nothing, tonight. … Continue reading

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Let’s go to Mars!

ShareTweet But first … another adventure with Reur.  Or the continuation of an adventure with Reur. Curiosity landed on Mars!  About a million things needed to go right to make this work! OK, I’m exaggerating by several orders of magnitude, … Continue reading

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Pleasant Surprises

ShareTweet After a few years without doing much freelance writing, I’m suddenly awash in assignments – about 25,000 words in the next couple months. This is exciting on a few levels. For starters, I can’t say I ever get bored … Continue reading

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August words

ShareTweet Added another story from “The Adventures of Reur.”  One of these days I will go in and edit out a few of the typos.  These stories were written in approximately hourlong sessions with little revision.  I expect them to … Continue reading

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