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Love speculating, write it

ShareTweet I tend to read and make a fair go at writing within two genres that are often lumped together as one: Science fiction and fantasy.  You should know this.  It’s pretty much all I write about.  Today I’m going … Continue reading

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The Longest Month

ShareTweet I just finished reading The Handmaid’s Tale last week, and I have stuff to say about it, but I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait for another day. My weekends have been packed with fun, and my weekdays … Continue reading

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Another thing like writing: Golf

ShareTweet I watch golf for a couple of reasons.  I have played golf, and am interested in how the pros swings work and trying to figure out their mindset — in this regard, I would watch competitive chess, or, similarly, … Continue reading

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David Copperfield and the Role of Women in Society

ShareTweet Huge spoilers for David Copperfield below. Don’t read this if you’ll be upset to learn about the plot twists in a 160-year-old novel. You have been warned. Some folks in my classic literature book club are reading David Copperfield, … Continue reading

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Amazing albatross: A small part of the world

ShareTweet Today’s inspiration comes from this. Albatross are amazing birds, and almost magical in the way they work.  The new young chick laid by Wisdom just adds to the mystique. When the subject of world-building comes up, it’s often about … Continue reading

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ShareTweet I turned in a fairly hefty freelance assignment late Sunday night. In all it was 20,000 words in a month’s time – in line with the 5k per week I consider a steady and all-but-assured pace. One definite up … Continue reading

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Nobody expects the (insert noun here)

ShareTweet This. Although I’m not sure why it matters that it was a Pixar animator. In any case, his take on the Arizona Cardinals had me reliving a few years ago. “Nobody expects the Arizona Cardinals!  Our chief weapon is … Continue reading

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Humaniform Robots

ShareTweet I’m currently reading Robots of Dawn, which is a straight line sequel to Caves of Steel and one of Asimov’s robot books. I came to Asimov rather late. I probably made contact with a short story or two in … Continue reading

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