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Another random week of reading and revising

ShareTweet I’ve had a fairly productive week of writing and editing Nosamae Ascending. Telling you “I wrote/edited X words” is pretty meaningless, but I finished one pretty significant subplot section and edited a second rather important piece. Right now I’m … Continue reading

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Of driving and rain

ShareTweet Last week was one helluva week in the states. The Onion expressed my thoughts very well.  Be advised there is strong language in that piece. My lady and I drove to the folks Friday night. She’s folding the thousand … Continue reading

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Reviews and Revisions

ShareTweet First off, Lesson of the Fire received an enthusiastic 4-star review on Goodreads last week, which really made my day when I noticed it: “The idea behind this book is possibly brilliant. It’s the story of a wizard that … Continue reading

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Books and TV

ShareTweet I spent a fair bit of the weekend writing up the third and fourth session of the Demon: the ??? playtest, and the response has been pretty positive. The main purpose of a playtest when you get right down … Continue reading

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Warm bath of craft

ShareTweet That’s what this is. Since we launched to replace, Eric and I have, generally faithfully, posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week, with a few guest blogs and some samples of our work (and a few “Can’t … Continue reading

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So much going on

ShareTweet So, I just wrapped up revisions of my sections of the new Demon core book. I’m really excited to see how this game is received. I’ve played tabletop RPGs since I was a boy, and seeing my name listed … Continue reading

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ShareTweet Caught up as I was in revising my Demon assignment tonight, I have run out of time to post a blog entry. No seriously. My brain is completely shot, and I should have gone to bed an hour ago. … Continue reading

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Reason for being

ShareTweet Baseball has started, college basketball is nearly finished, and the NBA and NHL are finalizing their playoff teams.  The Masters is in a week or so, and so is the NFL draft.  Sports, like spring, is in the air, … Continue reading

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The Ancient Parental Curse

ShareTweet When I was growing up, I remember a couple occasions when I overheard a parent (usually but not always a mother), completely flummoxed by her child’s bad behavior or stubbornness, bestow upon the beloved offspring the curse, “One day … Continue reading

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