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Doctor What the Hell

ShareTweet In the grand scheme of things I haven’t been a Doctor Who fan for very long. Sure, I remember running out of the room as a very small child in the 80s whenever the Daleks showed up, but I … Continue reading

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Something I Never Thought I’d Say

ShareTweet Hollywood has a long and storied history of taking incredible books and making mediocre-to-terrible movies out of them. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve walked out of an otherwise excellent film with a bit of a shrug … Continue reading

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Into Popcorn-Throwing Darkness

ShareTweet I never thought I would see a grown man stand up at the end of a movie, throw his bag of popcorn onto the theater floor, and launch into an extensive screaming tirade about how a film was a … Continue reading

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That SFWA Thing and Male Privilege

ShareTweet I think that if you don’t feel a little uncomfortable holding forth on social justice topics from a position of privilege, you’re probably doing something wrong. And even if you do feel uncomfortable, there is always the danger of … Continue reading

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Good news, bad news

ShareTweet The good news is the cough that has sapped my energy to a nub for the last three weeks has largely abated, which means I’m feeling myself for the first time in almost a month. This is kinda important … Continue reading

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Parent, sister and cousin races

ShareTweet The past couple of weeks I’ve explained the difference between a race in our books that might be familiar to you, the Mar from Lesson of the Fire, and a race you’ve run across briefly in LotF.  By all … Continue reading

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