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The Cavern of Keys

ShareTweet Visualize the classic dragon’s hoard – huge piles of gold coins in a vast cavern upon which lies an immense and terrible serpent. Now take away the dragon and replace every golden doubloon with a single key indistinguishable from … Continue reading

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On Writer’s Block

ShareTweet We all know the trope from movies: The (usually previously successful) writer sits down in front of a typewriter and no ideas will come. Either the page remains stubbornly blank or we see countless wadded up first pages scattered … Continue reading

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Liars Every One

ShareTweet Over the weekend I observed to my wife and our housemate that I’m prone to wild hyperbole and gross understatement and that “I never say anything that is 100% true.” After a brief pause I added, “Okay, that’s not … Continue reading

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CONvergence 2013 Wrap-up

ShareTweet My wife and I were at CONvergence in Bloomington, MN over the weekend, which is one of the largest volunteer-run sci-fi conventions in the Midwest. It is four days of awesome that began July 4th and ended July 7th, … Continue reading

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From Myths to Post-Modern Fantasy

ShareTweet The traditional view of myths is that they were created by primitive people to explain natural phenomena these people didn’t understand. Why do we have seasons? Because pomegranate seeds are so delicious (Greco-Roman myth). Why do we suffer? Because … Continue reading

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