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Labor Day Sale

ShareTweet We’ve put Lesson of the Fire on sale for $0.99 on Amazon. It will go back to being $2.99 early next week, so if you want to take advantage of this deal, snap it up now!

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You Are Neither Coke Nor Pepsi

ShareTweet Over the weekend I saw a lengthy rant about how some publisher giving some celebrity comedian a multimillion dollar book deal is proof that traditional publishing is broken. Really? We’re still stuck on that? I remember reading tales from … Continue reading

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Not All Sunshine and Roses

ShareTweet I feel that, from the beginning, Matt and I got into the whole indie publishing thing with realistic expectations about the amount of work and patience it would demand of us, as well as the obstacles we would face … Continue reading

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A Brief Break from Blogging

ShareTweet Beth and I spent this past weekend cabin camping with my family in Southern Indiana. This was a fun but thoroughly exhausting experience. Thursday was full of travel, but William weathered it well, and the two hour car ride … Continue reading

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Of Glass Birds and Poetry

ShareTweet I kind of got talked into leading a poetry discussion for my dead authors book club. One minute I was waxing perhaps a bit rhapsodic on the subject of William Blake, and the next thing I knew people were … Continue reading

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