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The Bechdel Test and High Fantasy

ShareTweet I got into a conversation this week about the Bechdel Test with some other writers. The Bechdel Test, if you’re not familiar with the term, is a means of testing gender bias in a work of fiction (usually movies). … Continue reading

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Kingmaker on Sale on Amazon

ShareTweet We’re running a $0.99 sale on Kingmaker for the next few days only on Amazon. The price will change back to $2.99 as early as 10/1, so if you’d like to grab a cheap copy, this weekend would be … Continue reading

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Goodreads Gossip and That One Blog

ShareTweet I seriously need to spin off these kinds of posts to an extra day because it seems like they take over this blog sometimes, but I find these “this week in publishing/reading/writing” topics so fascinating. I go to bed … Continue reading

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Of Oysters and MatchBooks

ShareTweet The last couple weeks have seen two interesting announcements in the world of ebooks – a new service called Oyster and Amazon’s MatchBook program. Both are still very much in the preliminary stages. Big Publishing isn’t on-board with either … Continue reading

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“Dump Your Boyfriend and Get with Me” Is Not a Compliment

ShareTweet This week’s Internet adventures brought me to a thread in a tabletop roleplaying thread titled “How to get my boyfriend to try an RPG.” The original poster explained that she and several of her female friends took up roleplaying … Continue reading

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An Exhaustively Productive Weekend

ShareTweet First off, Lesson of the Fire is still on sale at Amazon for $0.99, although we’ll be changing it back to $2.99 on Wednesday, so if you haven’t picked up a copy and plan to, now would be a … Continue reading

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