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Inexplicable Search Terms

ShareTweet Everyone with a website does it. We can’t help ourselves. Oh yeah, sure. The number of hits/visits/visitors is a nice clean measure of one’s reach, but that stuff’s so dry that the National Guard uses it to prevent flooding … Continue reading

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Catalyst: A Post about Royal Assassin

ShareTweet I finished Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin over the weekend, and I now feel a little guilty for being so meh about Assassin’s Apprentice when I read it. To be honest, I mostly picked up its sequel because Beth and … Continue reading

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Progress Report

ShareTweet Kingmaker turned two years old a couple weeks back. Matt has been working on its sequel in bits and pieces for most of this year, so hopefully I’ll have that in my hands somewhere around the beginning of 2014. … Continue reading

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The Benevolent Dictator and the Fantasy Novel

ShareTweet I’m currently reading Robin Hobb’s Royal Assassin, the sequel to Assassin Apprentice, and I’ve been trying to pin down why it strikes me as so unusual within the epic fantasy genre. The conclusion I’ve reached is that its because … Continue reading

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