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Playing with The Hobbit

ShareTweet Beth and I finally had a chance to watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug over the weekend. Generally speaking I enjoyed it very much, but not for the reasons I expected. Peter Jackson got mad props from Tolkien … Continue reading

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We’re at Dab of Darkness today

ShareTweet Susan Voss interviewed us today for her fantastic fantasy and sci-fi blog, Dab of Darkness. You can see the post here. Susan and I met while reading Scott Lynch’s The Republic of Thieves on Goodreads, and she asked whether … Continue reading

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Writing Catchphrases – Adventures in Fatherhood

ShareTweet Despite a nasty cold bug that knocked out my entire household this week, I somehow managed to finish the second half of the first of this month’s two freelance assignments. Go me. I also had a fun and fairly … Continue reading

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Incredibly Busy

ShareTweet The Pithdai Gate got its first review on Amazon this week – a four-star that makes an effort to remain fair and not hyperbolic in its praise, which I can appreciate. The book is also up on NetGalley and … Continue reading

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Hunt Your Muse and Hang Her Head on Your Wall

ShareTweet Matt tells me he’s almost finished with the first draft of the sequel to Kingmaker. I’m looking forward to reading it. I’d like to think my editors at Onyx Path Publishing feel the same way when I turn in … Continue reading

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