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Another of the Hero’s Hundred Thousand Faces

ShareTweet I finished N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms this past week and enjoyed it much more than I expected. I helped vote it in as my Goodreads book club’s next series mostly on the strength of Susan Voss’s glowing … Continue reading

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Sequels and Style

ShareTweet Matt and I have released three books so far – Kingmaker, Lesson of the Fire, and The Pithdai Gate. People frequently ask us whether the latter two are sequels to the first. They aren’t. Although all three take place … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Me

ShareTweet The Pithdai Gate got its first review on Goodreads – an almost embarrassingly glowing but nevertheless gratifying 5-star. I’m a Midwesterner. We have an awkward relationship with compliments. I now have first rough draft of Kingmaker’s sequel sitting on … Continue reading

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Class Consciousness in The Great Gatsby

ShareTweet I recently finished reading The Great Gatsby for the first time. It’s a classic often taught in high school, but not in my particular case. I also managed to somehow dodge it in college. These things happen, but we … Continue reading

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