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A Happy Marvelversary

ShareTweet Beth and I decided to take yesterday off to celebrate our anniversary. After dropping William off at daycare we went out to breakfast, went out to lunch, and made a fabulous dinner. We also scored some chocolate-covered strawberries that … Continue reading

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ShareTweet I had a very productive long weekend of writing, but my brain is pretty much mush at this point, so no blog today. I should have no trouble getting one up tomorrow night. Beth and I are taking the … Continue reading

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CONsole Room Wrap-Up

ShareTweet I should go to Doctor Who conventions more often. While I was off talking about weeping angels, companions, and Torchwood books of mine received three new 5-star reviews – one for God-Machine Chronicle, one for Demon: The Descent, and … Continue reading

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Death, Pragmatism, and Torchwood

ShareTweet This post is going to include some significant spoilers for Torchwood, so if that’s a problem feel free to look at my other posts about The Handmaid’s Tale, The Scarlet Pimpernel, or David Copperfield instead. They have spoilers too, … Continue reading

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The Jar Jar Binks Hatchet Job

ShareTweet While Beth was out of town over the weekend William insisted that we “watch Star Wars music,” which I interpreted to mean “the prequels.” After all, I remember these movies being, in essence, special effects set to John Williams … Continue reading

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