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The Plotter’s Paradox

ShareTweet I’ve been hard at work on Kingmaker’s sequel this afternoon and expect to spend a lot more time on it tomorrow, so this entry will be fairly short. I generally consider myself more of a plotter (writes with a … Continue reading

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The World of Darkness in My Neighborhood

ShareTweet The God-Machine Chronicle introduced the concept of Infrastructure, which it was my pleasure to write the explanation for. One of the features of Infrastructure in the World of Darkness is that it should have some features or qualities that … Continue reading

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In Medias Media

ShareTweet It’s been less a week of endings and more a week of, well, not beginnings, either. Maybe early-middles? That’s sometimes the way it is, I suppose. We’re three episodes into the new SyFy series Dark Matter. It’s kind of … Continue reading

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NaNoNot in the Face!

ShareTweet I’m definitely not doing the full NaNoWriMo thing this year, but as I mentioned on a previous entry, I’m using the month to mark a 30k word push on the Kingmaker sequel. And as anyone who has done NaNo … Continue reading

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