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Berninating the Countryside

ShareTweet I very rarely mention politics on this blog because I am, first and foremost, a writer, a father, and a geek. Tonight, however, I’m going to talk about politics – specifically the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. I … Continue reading

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Birthdays and Deadpool

ShareTweet The last week has been really busy. First was the gathering of friends on Friday night, followed by the birthday party the next morning, some solo parenting Saturday night, some…I don’t even remember how I spent Sunday. Pre-work for … Continue reading

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A Game-Designer’s Sketchpad

ShareTweet Lately I’ve been spending more time than is probably healthy poking Legendary, the homebrew fantasy tabletop RPG that I’ve been tinkering with since, oh, 2003. Initially inspired by 1st Ed. Exalted’s concept of stunts, built around problems of mechanically … Continue reading

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