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Birthdays and Deadpool

ShareTweet The last week has been really busy. First was the gathering of friends on Friday night, followed by the birthday party the next morning, some solo parenting Saturday night, some…I don’t even remember how I spent Sunday. Pre-work for … Continue reading

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Goodreads Gossip and That One Blog

ShareTweet I seriously need to spin off these kinds of posts to an extra day because it seems like they take over this blog sometimes, but I find these “this week in publishing/reading/writing” topics so fascinating. I go to bed … Continue reading

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Of Oysters and MatchBooks

ShareTweet The last couple weeks have seen two interesting announcements in the world of ebooks – a new service called Oyster and Amazon’s MatchBook program. Both are still very much in the preliminary stages. Big Publishing isn’t on-board with either … Continue reading

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You Are Neither Coke Nor Pepsi

ShareTweet Over the weekend I saw a lengthy rant about how some publisher giving some celebrity comedian a multimillion dollar book deal is proof that traditional publishing is broken. Really? We’re still stuck on that? I remember reading tales from … Continue reading

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Not All Sunshine and Roses

ShareTweet I feel that, from the beginning, Matt and I got into the whole indie publishing thing with realistic expectations about the amount of work and patience it would demand of us, as well as the obstacles we would face … Continue reading

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The Cavern of Keys

ShareTweet Visualize the classic dragon’s hoard – huge piles of gold coins in a vast cavern upon which lies an immense and terrible serpent. Now take away the dragon and replace every golden doubloon with a single key indistinguishable from … Continue reading

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The Inevitable Kindle Worlds Post

ShareTweet So, last week Amazon announced Kindle Worlds – a platform for fan fiction writers to sell their work with a few important caveats. Amazon currently only has rights to allow authors to publish for three fandoms – Vampire Diaries, … Continue reading

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Counting Down

ShareTweet We’re now less than two weeks away from the end of our KDP Select period on Lesson of the Fire. This means that if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and want to borrow a copy for free, you’ll need … Continue reading

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Wheaton’s Law and the Indie Author

ShareTweet A well-known indie fantasy author suffered a very public and vitriolic meltdown, last weekend. I’m not going to get into more detail than that because 1) even negative publicity sells books, and I don’t like to reward bad behavior … Continue reading

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The Simple Joys of the Indie Author

ShareTweet First, a brief announcement: Lesson of the Fire is now available on Amazon and the CreateSpace Store in paperback for $15.99. I have a box of them on the way to hand sell and autograph, for those of you … Continue reading

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