Lesson of the Fire

By Eric Zawadzki and Matthew Schick



Sven Takraf has burned a path through rival wizards to seize power over Marrishland, power he means to wield like a torch to bring sweeping reforms to its stifling magocracy. But fire can immolate as well as illuminate, destroy civilization as well as bring it, and Sven is burning out of control.

As the fires of the Takraf War spread from the crumbling citadel of the capital to the swamps and marshes of the rest of Marrishland, they disturb yet another enemy that fears Svenís stubborn fire, one whose massed force stands poised to sweep down like the waters of a swollen river from a broken dam — waters that will snuff out every fire in Marrishland ...

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Cover illustration © 2011 by Alan Gutierrez.